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Health Benefits

Chocolate & Health

This health page exists to pass on to you information about health issues relating to chocolate in so far as the owners and staff of Chocolate Therapy™ & Schoc Chocolates™ understands that health information. Please do not regard any of the information on this page or site, as a medical or therapeutic consultation.

Who cares?
We do. Because we love chocolate. We also love health.

We, at Schoc, consider that we don't have to justify to anyone or make excuses for and about chocolate and nor should you. Just enjoy it.

But for those who need to be converted this may be a start. For you chocophilles, this serves as reinforcement (as if you need it).

Quick Checklist on Health Benefits

High Quality Chocolate is good for you because it

  • contains feel good chemical (phenolaythylamines) that we create naturally when we are excited or "in love"
  • is vasodilatory which means it enlarges veins and arteries for 3 hours after consumption
  • is high in antioxidants- flavenoids - an anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-vascular disease agents
  • produces happier babies when eaten during pregnancy
  • soothes PMS symptoms
  • has high concentration of magnesium which is good for the heart

We are about the knowledge of chocolate, CHOCOLOGY and what it does to us on a level of;

  • Physio-philosophy...Awareness of MYSELF
  • Physio-psychology...Comprehension of MYSELF
  • Physio-physiology...Method for MYSELF