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Schoc Hamper

Show your loved ones just how MUCH you love them!  These sumptuous hampers are a wonderful combination of flavours and textures, coated in our wonderful Schoc chocolate and made for you by our dedicated team in Greytown.

The Schoc Hamper includes:

5 x Schoc tablets, assorted flavours
1x box of 15 assorted chocolates and truffles
3 x bags assorted barks [milk, peanut and white]
1 x bag of Dusky Hazelnuts [lightly toasted hazelnuts, caramelised, rolled in chocolate and dusted with shococoa]
1 x bag of Orange Dipsticks [soft and sexy orange rind, dipped in chocolate]
1 x bag Lemon Slices [dried lemon slices, soft and tangy and dipped in chocolate]
1 x bag Pineapple Bites [our take on the NZ classic]
1 x bag dipped Apricots [succulent]
1 x Schoc Chocolate Therapy Book - what does your choice of Chocolate say about you? Find out.
1 x  Rockyroad with apricots jubs, marshmellows and caramilised peanuts
1 x Schocoroni
1 x Surprise 

Only $220.00 and delivered to those you love or who loves you...........dive in to the divine.

Price Each: $220.00

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