Chocology App

The App for Chocolate Lovers!

Taken from the best-selling books by Murray Langham,  Chocolate Therapy: Dare to Discover Your Inner Centre -  the Chocology App is a fun way to explore chocolate and your personality.

Based on the work of world-renowned therapist and Chocologist Murray Langham, this app delves into the burning question of our time... what does your chocolate reveal about you?

If you find yourself craving the same flavours, centers and textures again and again, chances are there's a reason why.  Dark or light chocolate, hard or soft, nutty, marshmallow, almond or peppermint centers, this app will unlock the secrets of your inner self.  Think you know your friends?  Offer them a chocolate, see what they choose, and whip out Chocology, to find out.  

The app will also help you to start your day in the best possible way, with a chocolate and a chocolate affirmation – a chocantra, if you like.

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