Christmas Hamper C

Price: $240.00

 1 x Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold Tablet (dark chocolate rubbed with 23 carot gold)
 1 x Christmas White Tablet (mixed spice and cherries and cranberry)
 1 x Noel Tablet (rich milk chocolate with almonds and speculass spice)
 1 x 15 box of our finest chocolates for Christmas
 1 x 6 box of our Christmas treats ( Brandy caramel, rum puddling and pepermint cream
 1 x Marsmallow Christmas Tree
 1 x Bag Fruit and Nut Crunch (jumbo raisins, hazelnut and pistachios in a salty milk chocolate)
 1 x Bag Dusky Hazelnuts 
 1 x Bag Pinapple Bites 
 1 x Bag Dipped Apricots
 1 x Bag Chilli Peanuts 
 1 x Wafers (spicy chocolate with nuts and fruit)
 1 x Schocaroni
 2 x Spice Bars 
1 x Christmas Decorations in a bag (dark chocolate decorations rubbed with white chocolate)


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