Christmas Hamper C

Price: $240.00

 We have three Christmas Hampers this year with different price ranges, from the feedback we got last Christmas our clients loved these, so have a look maybe we can make one up that is right for you. For the one you love, your best friend, your dearest family member, your good customers and clients. We will send it all for you.

This heavenly line up is available until Christmas Eve.

1 x Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold Tablet (dark chocolate rubbed with 23 carot gold)

 1 x Christmas White Tablet (mixed spice and cherries and cranberry)
 1 x Noel Tablet (rich milk chocolate with almonds and speculass spice)
 1 x 15 box of our finest chocolates for Christmas
 1 x 6 box of our Christmas treats ( Brandy caramel, rum puddling and pepermint cream
 1 x Marshmallow Christmas Tree   SOLD OUT - REPLACED WITH, summer furit medley and a bag of dipped apricots.
 1 x Bag Fruit and Nut Crunch (jumbo raisins, hazelnut and pistachios in a salty milk chocolate)
 1 x Bag Dusky Hazelnuts 
 1 x Bag Pinapple Bites 
 1 x Bag Dipped Apricots
 1 x Bag Chilli Peanuts 
 1 x Wafers (spicy chocolate with nuts and fruit)
 1 x Schocaroni
 2 x Spice Bars 
1 x Christmas Decorations in a bag (dark chocolate decorations rubbed with white chocolate)


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