All of our gorgeous festive range is now in production with the shelves here at Schoc starting to look quite pretty. There’s a feeling of excitement building; it is after all our favourite time of the year, a time to show our loved ones and friends how much they mean to us with a gift of beautifully hand-crafted Schoc chocolate.

Why not take a moment to make up your list of who deserves a chocolate gift and keep in mind that our tablets, including our seasonal Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold (dark chocolate with frankincense and myrrh rubbed with 23 carat gold leaf – also available in sugar free) and Christmas – (white chocolate mixed spice cherries and cranberry), make perfect gifts for posting overseas.

1. Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold (dark chocolate with frankincense and myrrh rubbed with 23 carat gold leaf).
Retail $14.00 Code: FMG Weight: 75g – Order Now
Also available in Sugar Free Retail $14.00 Code: MFMG Weight: 75g – Order Now
A golden Christmas awaits the recipient of this beautiful tablet infused with subtle spices once the gifts from kings, and shimmering with delicate flecks of gold. Guaranteed to delight.

2. Christmas – (white chocolate mixed spice cherries and cranberry) Christmas tastes like the spoon you lick before the pudding goes into the oven – yum!
Retail $14.00 Code: CHR Weight: 75g – Order Now
Place a cube of this delectable chocolate in your mouth and think of Christmases’ past when the house was filled with pine scent and Christmas baking. Maybe there was even snow on the ground outside. White chocolate has never tasted so good, so festive.

3. Christmas Puddings 3 Box – Raisins, mixed peel and rum with Christmas pudding detail in green and red.
Retail $8.50 Code: CP3 Weight: 36g – Order Now
Chocolate Christmas Puddings – the perfectly portioned dessert for those who love their Christmas dinner and those that have done all the cooking. Add seasonal fruit and spiced nuts for added effect.

4. Christmas 15 Assorted Box
A collection of our finest chocolates for your Christmas Indulgence. Retail $39.00 Code: CAB15 Weight: 195g – Order Now
One for aunty, one for uncle, two for the adult kids, and one for Me. Mustn’t forget Me. Make sure you don’t leave anyone off your chocolate list. This Christmas 15 Assorted Box collection will put smiles on the faces of even the most difficult people to buy for.

5. Schoc Baubles
3 Beautiful handcrafted Chocolate Baubles. Packaged in a clear presentation box for maximum visual effect. Christmas ribbon attached to each Bauble, ready to hang or eat. Retail $24.90 Code: SB Weight: 90g
Jazz up decorating your Christmas tree with these beautiful and funky looking handmade baubles. Their vibrant colours look stunning against green or white foliage; or dangle them from the chandeliers! A great gift for gestures of ‘thank you’. Order Now

Phew, that was exhausting but at least I’ve got my chocolate gift list sorted and ordered!