This health page exists to pass on to you information about health issues relating to chocolate in so far as the owner and staff of Chocolate Therapy™ & Schoc Chocolates™ understands that health information. To me science says one thing one day then the opposite the next, therefore science must be fluid always changing so please do your own research and please do not regard any of the information on this page or site, as a medical or therapeutic consultation. 

Here is what researchers are saying about chocolate in the 21st century

  • Chocolate is a health food
  • More antioxidants in chocolate than in fruit and vegetables
  • Contains compounds that support heart health
  • Flavonoid-rich, similar to green tea, red wine, olive oil
  • Fat in chocolate contains stearic acid, oleic acid which supports normal platelet activity
  • Chocolate may also support a healthy blood cholesterol

Chocolate is history” proffers Louis E Grivetti, Professor in the Department of Nutrition at UC Davis. 
According to Professor Grivetti, throughout the centuries chocolate has been hailed to support normal and healthy…

  • Blood flow
  • Appetite
  • Brain function
  • Breast milk production
  • Aging Process
  • Digestion
  • Kidney function
  • Elimination
  • Sexual appetite and virility
  • Nervous system 
  • Calm, sooth during times of stress and high activity 
  • Weight

They continue by saying

  • chocolate is nutritious and this makes chocolate a must for ration packs in the army, for trampers/hikers, mountain climbers.
  • chocolate contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and Folate.
  • milk chocolate contains a higher percentage of these than dark chocolate (sorry all you purists out there) but it does depend on the levels of cacao solids and/or the brand of chocolate analysed.

So you can see why it’s an energy food and taken in moderation (is there such a thing with chocolate?), it can only enhance our lives.
In conclusion, those in know tell us chocolate could be called natures’ joy. When we have a craving for chocolate, it could well be for the joyful qualities that chocolate contains, i.e. sugars, fats, PEA, theobromine, magnesium. There could be more ingredients that are yet to be discovered. If taken in moderation it is the most natural support for balanced moods that I know of.

Authoritative Authors Adore Chocolate

“7 Proven health Benefits of Dark Chocolate” by Kris Gunnars BSc ( I am sure you can look it up, an interesting read I think)

Kris is a nutrition researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in medicine. he has spent years reading books, blogs and scientific studies on nutrition. Evidence-based nutrition is his passion.

“I Adore Chocolate: The health & pleasure of your favourite food”

This e-book by Glenn Cardwell, an accredited, practicing dietitian is a great read for further information on many health aspects of chocolate.

In Glens own words:
“Look, I enjoy my chocolate as much as you do. After reading this book, you too will eliminate any anxiety you may harbour about chocolate and eat it with abandoned joy. You can tell your friends and neighbours too. This book will explore what we know about chocolate and your health. You may be pleasantly surprised at much of the good news. I shall be writing about the science of chocolate. It’s what we have unearthed about the chemical beauty of chocolate. And it will grab a few myths about chocolate and give them a good shaking because they have spent years disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of chocolate. It’s just got to stop.”