Reaching for a drum of Schoc cooking chocolate in your pantry just got a whole lot easier with the new colour range.

Of course the base had to be chocolate coloured to remind you how good it tastes when used in desserts, cooking, moulding and drinking. Now though the different coloured lids make it easy to see which one to grab – milk, dark or bittersweet.

There’s also a new half-sized drum which contains Schococoa. It’s the perfect size to fit next to your kettle for when a hot chocolate is called for. And it makes a nice gift for fellow chocolate lovers.

Schoc Chef range
500gms Bittersweet callers (drops)
500gms Dark 55% callets (drops)
500gms Milk 33% callets (drops)
Price Each: $31.40.
Schococoa 150gm Cocoa Powder. Price Each:$15.

I dream in chocolate