Citrus Hamper


For those who love a little acid in their lives, this citrus hamper has everything for during the day or try the lemon slices after dinner. All lemons are fresh and have to be peeled, sliced and dried before we can start using them. A labour of Love to get the taste we desire.

The Citrus Hamper includes:

  • 1x box of 6 assorted citrus chocolates
  • 1 x Lemon and White Tablet [very different taste]
  • 1 x Lime Chilli Tablet (divine)
  • 1 x bag Lemon Slices [dried lemon slices, soft and tangy and dipped in chocolate]
  • 1 x bag Pineapple Bites [our take on the NZ classic]
  • 1 x bag dipped Apricots [succulent]