Booklovers Tablet


Like novels transport you to a different time and place, let us take you to the tropics with our brand new flavour: The Booklovers Tablet.

We love creating new flavours for people to enjoy so when approached by the University Bookshop in Dunedin to create a book lovers chocolate we jumped at the opportunity.

With zesty lime, crispy coconut and creamy milk chocolate – escape to a hot summer’s day with golden sand and the sound of the ocean.

Coconut people are masters of escapism and love music, the islands and sandy beaches. By having lime mixed with coconut this will just add excitement to your space.
Lime lovers are straight to the point. They don’t muck about and when pressured, they will escape to sit by a tree and read.

The tablet also features a bookmark including a poem out of the upcoming book of poetry to be released by Shani – the Wife of Schoc Creator, Murray Langham.

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