Marshmallow – Jolly, Joyous, Social, Zing
Turkish Delight – piritual, Faithful, Mystical
Lime – Direction, Wildish, Provocative
Strawberry – Gentle, Placid, Compassion

Ever wondered what your chocolate personality is? We all have one and it is discerned by the chocolate flavours we reach for first.

Thanks to Schoc you can now download our Chocolate Therapy App and begin your chocolate personality exploration. It’s a fun way to explore chocolate, your personality and that of your friends.

Dr Chocolate with the late Bill Tarney, Lesley Garrett and Ann Widdecome discovered their inner centre.
What is yours? Find out with the Chocolate Therapy App on itunes or Google play store.
With the App for Chocolate Lovers: Your Personality through Chocolate you’ll be able to match your favourite chocolate with your personality. 

What sort of chocolate do you like? Do you prefer dark or light chocolate? Are their centres hard or soft, nutty, marshmallow, almond or peppermint? What does it reveal about your personality? Get to know your friends by what chocolates they eat. Set your day by the energies around you and your chocantra.

We each know what our favourite chocolate is. What does that say about us? When we eat the same type of chocolate, time and time again, what is it trying to tell us? Why is our body craving for that one flavour? These questions can be answered with this Chocolate Therapy App. Taken from the highly successful books by Murray Langham; Chocolate Therapy: Dare to discover your inner centre. 

So download the App and start having fun. Never under-estimate the power of chocolate.

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